Ethnicity font


This font is inspired and based on many indigenous geometric shapes (Mapuche and Diaguitas from South America). A collection of more than 50 glyphs that you may combine in different…

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Equalis Stencil font

Equalis Stencil

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Equalis Stencil is a slab-serif typeface. This OpenType font comes in three weights, alternates and symbols, with support for CE languages. Equalis Stencil can be used as display type, headlines,…

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Karty Solid font

Karty Solid

Karty Solid is a freehand typeface that was inspired by John Baskerville’s designs. Karty Solid comes in three version: Regular, condensed and Expanded, including a large set of swashes, ligatures…

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Quadratique font


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Quadratique is the first font of a large family that was originated in geometric patterns. We developed a system through a square of 6 modules of side, which are transformed…

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Optic Art font

Optic Art

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Opticart is a family of glyphs inspired by Op Art (Optical Art). They include 133 models -- each letter is a subfamily that can combine overlapping (A, a, a.salt and…

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Farfa font


The Farfa fonts were designed for institutional use, commissioned by the City of Fara in Sabina, Italy. This project started from the study of the manuscripts found in the Abbey…

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Belha font


Sometimes we feel that we need something fresh, sometimes you may use something like an informal style, or even a little bit of spicy taste in a provocative message. Belha…

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Saxo font


The Saxo family is based on the typefaces of the twenties and thirties, where through the Art Deco and Futurism were built the foundations of the modern movement. Designed from…

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Oblonga font


Oblonga shows thin, elegant lines. The continuity of the trace is only suggested through the curves of the letters, a soft effect of bonding that maintains the identity of each…

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