Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag is a ding bat font providing images related to baby: bottles, pacifiers, rattles, cribs, bassinets, safety pins, and some random things like umbrellas (for a baby shower), expecting…

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Ad Astra font Marseille Tarot font WIP Symbol font

WIP Symbol

WIP Symbol is a font of illustrations and icons drawn by hand for office communication and beyond; a perfect companion for the WIP handwriting fonts: FirstLady, GrandMa, MachoMan, MoneyMaker, SugarBaby…

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Nimali font


Complement your collection of animal-shaped fonts with an illustration series that brings the different moods and moments of wildlife right to your desktop. Formed by shadows of animals in a…

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Petroglifos font Rundeck font


The Rundeck perfectly represents crafted stuff of serif display. This project was inspired by a beautiful retro music poster. The product includes 4 styles (regular, smooth, rough and texture). This…

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Briefcase font Xbats font


Make your instant X-mas and Winter Holiday Greeting cards with the HF Xbats dingbats. 26 regular (capitals, A-Z) and 26 inverted (lowercase, a-z) images with the upcoming Winter Holiday Season…

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Stickley Decorations font