Quarkwell™ by The Typeworks is a line based typeface ideal for use in designs that require a modern and highly legible appearance whilst still retaining a classic feel.The Quarkwell font…

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Astroz font


Astroz is a single weight display font inspired by sci-fi culture and space environments.It has been conceived for logos, headlines and posters; and it is suitable for digital and physical…

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Capricorn Serif font Electroz font


Electroz font is a techno themed font made with futuristic values, made with condensed width and slanted cuts at the corners of the letters making this font look cool and…

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Alphabit font


Alphabit is a grid-based bitmap typeface that celebrates the blocky and jagged letterforms of early digital typography. Designed with technology as the central theme, it simultaneously references a bygone era…

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KayKhosrow font


Futuristic, modular, blocked, squarish and modernist KayKhosrow font has got 12 versatile styles! The very first non-cursive Arabic/Persian font which also supports Latin characters as well! You're gonna love how…

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Arachnology font


If you're looking for a sci-fi inspired, retro-futuristic display font with limitless applications, look no further than Arachnology.Arachnology is a stylish, confident, and versatile display font inspired by the neo-futuristic…

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Used Servers font Bitwild font Feloxi font


Feloxi is a crafted neon-inspired font giving us the creativity to replicate traditionally hand-made lettering from the imagination of their computer. This font is good for logo design, Social media,…

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