Compass TRF

Compass TRF is a reevaluation of an existing Compass typeface dated 2002. Compass is a geometric contrast serif typeface - "contemporary Didone". New Compass consists of four styles—regular, italic, alternate…

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Compass TRF Stencil font Decima Mono font Decima Mono Pro font Dee Dee font Egon Sans Condensed font Haggard font


Haggard is a wedge serifs typeface family of six styles. It stands out from the crowd with unique features like compact proportions of glyphs, sharp wedge serifs, small caps, and…

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Octa font


The Octa fonts are primarily intended for heading, display and decorative use. A close relative to Alert, Octa is angular by its structure but soft-outlined typeface with modern industrial strength…

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The Meez font Ultima Pro font