Basique Pro

Basique Pro is a modern, geometric sans serif font family.It contains more than 1000 characters including the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabet.There are also 14 OpenType features (Superior; Inferior; Numerator;…

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New Odyssey font

New Odyssey

New Odyssey is a modern serif font family.It contains more than 500 charactersThere are also 10 OpenType features (Superior; Inferior; Numerator; Denominator; Fraction; Tabular Lining; Case Sensitive; Ordinals; Access All…

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Stallman font


Stallman is a Display font family containing 100 Fonts (Regular, Oblique and Variables).It's a perfect font for titlesThere are also 6 OpenType features (Numerator; Denominator; Fraction; Case Sensitive; Ordinals; Access…

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Decart font


Decart is retro display font inspired by "Art Deco" style with more than 1100 characters,covering many languages using latin and cyrillic alphabet.The font also has 15 OpenType features : (All…

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