Cindie Mono

Cindie Mono is a multi-width display font. Six different widths – A (condensed) through F (super extended) – mathematically correspond with one-another creating a stackable type family. Each face contains…

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Bobik font


Bobik is a display type family with three faces – sans, serif and slab. The family was drawn initially on basic principles described in Jean Alessandrini’s Codex 80 and then…

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Fleischer Display font Gardner Sans font Tusker Grotesk font Sortie Super font Waba font


Waba Pronounced ‘Vah-bah’, is a font family that I designed. The name comes from a historical variation on the Estonian word ‘vaba’ – meaning ‘free’, or 'at liberty'. Back in…

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Zierde Grotesk font Cindie 2 font Salford Sans font