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TradaSans is a new addition in the range of Univers and Helvetica. It represents a fresh face in this ongoing strong category of sans serif typefaces. TradaSans slightly squarish tendency,…

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Empira font


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Empira is a new high-contrasted face. While its principal structure shows some reference to transitional faces, the pronounced graphic shape of its elements are definitely of contemporary origin. It appears…

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Orgon Plan font

Orgon Plan

Orgon Plan is the square-cut sister of the Orgon. It represents the crispy counterpart to the sucsessfull Orgon family and was published in 2020.Orgon Plan consists of 20 styles and…

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Capricho font


Capricho is a warm, comfy, and pleasantly readable typeface. It unites the virtues of a 17th century transitional typeface with its own distinctive and individual flavour.Its large descenders and ascenders…

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Galvani font


Galvani offers a new geometric Sans Serif with humanistic displays. With its straight lines and rectangular shapes, and its clean and coolish appearance, Galvani unites some of the principal sans…

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Contane font


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Contane is a new font with a classical character. It is high-contrasted and nobel in appearance, but still objective and clean.It is predestined for headlines, editorials and small text applications.…

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Contane Text font

Contane Text

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Contane Text is the text optimized version of the Contane family. More solid, more robust, it repesents the down-home addition to the more subtle Contane family. Stronger hairlines, solid serifs,…

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Contane Condensed font

Contane Condensed

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Contane Condensed is the slim complement to the Contane Family.Its economic proportions permit space saving applications, in particularly, eye catching headlines and subheads. Contane Condensed is high-contrasted,and the spiky wedge…

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Urania font


Urania is a new approach to early sans serif typefaces, in particular Ferdinand Theinhardt’s types which came out at the beginning of the 20th century. Urania is not an adaption,…

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TradaSerif font


TradaSerif is a new addition to the Trada family. Crisp and clear in appearance, it preserves the same formal spirit and the principal structural elements of TradaSans. TradaSerif offers a…

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