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Rummy is powerful, precise, and packed with personality. Simple and initially unassuming, Rummy may seem a reluctant hero. But, when called upon, Rummy will lend you all of its considerable…

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Rummy Tall font

Rummy Tall

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Rummy, the stout, scrappy font inspired by sports branding and 1940s film, has grown up and is ready to take on new responsibilities. The result: Rummy Tall. Still powerful, precise,…

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Pluot font


Designed for an age of increased nuance and inclusivity, Pluot defies conventional classification. With an upper half inspired by sans-serif tendencies and a serif-influenced lower half, Pluot is a geometric…

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Guile font


A timeless and mighty sans-serif, Guile's chiseled forms make the font ideal for reaching into history, while its minimalism and balance are fit for propelling into the future. Guile voraciously…

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Torch font


Torch is a spirited, sophisticated sans. With an open flow that embraces and accentuates the beauty of its surroundings, Torch carries a confidence and triumphal whimsy ideal for any celebration.

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Kempt font


Retro-futuristic styling infuses Kempt with the humming glow of a space shuttle control panel, bringing energetic radiance to page and screen. With quasi-LCD, neon, and stencil influences, Kempt shines through…

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Afire font


Afire is a sans-serif of understated warmth and elegance. Through clean legibility and gentle embellishment, Afire delivers lively bounce with sophistication.

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