This font began its life as a project to design a T-shirt for a student group on a large midwestern university. It has now grown up into a unicode font,…

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Roaring 20s font

Roaring 20s

This is a decorative font containing the letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and enough punctuation to make invitations, playbills, posters, and the like. It is meant to have the feel of…

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Moon Type font

Moon Type

This font of Moon Type is modelled after Dr. Moon's original poster. He developed this embossed writing system to help those who have lost their sight later in life, and…

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Felt-Tip Futhark font Kaeding Braille font Yesterday font


This is a geometric uncial font with a retro/art-deco feel. It comes in four weights, each in upright and oblique styles. It has Unicode coverage for Latin, Greek (modern diacritics…

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Personal Manifesto font Ollie Wollie font Sarcasticity font Wire Type Mono font