Chaman is a “hybrid” font. On the one hand serifless, temperate and readable, and on the other hand quick and livily as a manual script, thanks to many unexpected ligatures.…

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Cortex font


Cortex was designed for Shanghai Word Expo 2010 / A.A.D.I Pavilion corporate identity: signage, corporate communication, graphic design (a 120 pages monography), promotional items, etc. It was inspired by the…

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Crealab font


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This font was designed for CREALAB, a Shanghai-based Innovation Design Company. As the company’s slogan - "catalyzing ideas" - corporate identity focus on crossing technical expertise and personal creativity. It…

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Cyclo font


Ainsi que le considérait Geoffroy Tory, typographe et philosophe de la Renaissance, chaque lettre de l'alphabet peut être dessinée à partir d'un cercle et d'un trait. La fonte "cyclo" actualise…

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Delicate font


La plupart des fontes “script” tentent de reproduire l’écriture humaine et se heurtent au problème suivant: la lettre tracée à la main n’a pas la méme forme suivant la lettre…

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Delikaat font Leonardian font Liliming font


That font was designed for Liliming, a famous Shanghainese feminine fashion brand. As the brand itself, it shows a solid background - a former typewriter machine feeling - and a…

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Phylactere font


This font draws its inspiration from handwriting, in order to maintain a certain dynamism and irregularity. It's a serifless font, with small capital characters, always readable at any dimension, despite…

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Pixo font