KyivType Titling font Eris Pro font

Eris Pro

Rolling gemstones… The name "Eris" is again borrowed from Greek mythology, is related to the myth "the apples of Hesperides" which were gold and one of them got the Erida!!!…

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Typewriter Spool font Ballege font


The Ballege typeface is a Slab Serif inspired by College sports and ball games. I started working on it after watching the film 'MoneyBall', Directed by Bennet Miller. It's inspired…

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Solente font


Solente is an elegant slab serif font and was inspired from Early 1900's Art-Deco, Art Nouveau and Jugendstil fonts. Perfect for use as headline or sub-head text in you design.…

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Aldogizio font Trevor font


Teo Tuominen’s Trevor took its first breath as a revival of an 18th century antiqua, but culminated in an entirely new and good-natured family. Trevor is an affable slab serif…

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Vivala Milk font Saxophone font