Kazootie was inspired by cut-paper shapes and named after the hand puppet character Rootie Kazootie in a 1950s children's television show. Kazootie is a light-hearted and fun display font with…

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Liquorstore font


Inspired by hand-painted liquor store signage in Minneapolis, as well as constructivist propaganda posters and old magazine logos, Chank created Liquorstore as a simple yet elegant exercise in font creation…

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Nicotine font Ribjoint font


Created by Chank in 1992, Ribjoint was Chank’s first attempt at creating a Egyptian, cursive font on the computer. Writing cursive with a pencil sure is easy, but getting all…

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Yearling font


The Yearling fonts are inspired by old propaganda poster letter forms of the 20th century. However, they're also intended to work well in modern communications as well. Yearling was originally…

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