Designed by Francesco Simoncini and W. Bilz, this design follows Times New Roman in structure, but differs in some details. Unlike Times New Roman, the boldface is a weighted version…

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Matt Antique font Bell font


Monotype’s hot metal Bell series from 1931 was based on original types made by the punchcutter Richard Austin for the foundry of John Bell in the 1780s. The different sizes…

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Blado font


Blado is the italic companion to Monotype Poliphilus, revived in the 1920s by Stanley Morison based on a type cut by Ludovico degli Arrighi for Aldus Manutius, around 1526.

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Monotype Garamond font Plantin font


Plantin is a Renaissance Roman as seen through a late–industrial-revolution paradigm. Its forms aim to celebrate fine sixteenth century book typography with the requirements of mechanized typesetting and mass production…

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Quire Sans font