Courage Union font

Courage Union

Inspired by vintage sportswear. The Courage Union font is designed in slab serif style with a vintage athletic feel. There are six varieties: regular, rough, halftone, outline, outline rough, and…

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Mogathe font


Mogathe was inspired by the west life era. Mogathe is a slab serif font with a vintage western look and feel. Four varieties are available: Regular, Stamp, Spurs, and Spurs…

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Darklord font


Darkloard is inspired by the old-fashioned era. The Darkloard font is a heavy-weight semi-serif font from the vintage style. Four varieties are available: Regular, Stamp, Spurs, and Spurs Stamp. The…

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Ballpoint Catalog font Magnify font


Geometric sans serif is one of my favorite fonts because it's so, simple, clean and modern, and a long time I've been dreaming of making this type, inspired by many…

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Climora Duo font Shelf font


Shelf is a humanistic sans-serif font of cool and solid character. Its frugal, clean and organic drawing as well as its name were inspired by the ice shelf landscape. Shelf…

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Haiku font


Haiku is a very modern old-style typeface. Inspired by late Renaissance-era typography, and carefully optimised for both display and text, digital and print. Featuring ligatures, old-style numerals, wide language support,…

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Meloso font


Meloso is an easygoing typeface. It has a playful and organic feel that has its own hand-drawn charm while still being incredibly legible due to its simple shapes and high…

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