Chub was inspired by and dedicated to: Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage, J Otto, Ben & Jerry, Spunk, Chuck Jones, Run DMC, those teenage kids with their big baggy pants, French…

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Couchlover font


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How about a light-hearted romp through the traditional roman alphabet? Here's a fun, childlike, cartoon font with a spring lilt and a bumblebee's bounce. Couchlover is available in Regular and…

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Eatwell font


Formerly known as Eatpoo, Chank found it ironic that the first place he saw this font family in use was on the grocery bags for the local food co-ops. He…

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HUGS font


HUGS is a font inspired by children at play and explorative good-natured spirit. With a bit of a bounce and a whole lotta whimsy this headline font has a hand-drawn…

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Jawbox font


In 1995, when indie rock hipness was just reaching its pique, Chank was really into Jawbox, a post-punk band from DC. It was their music he was listening to when…

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Mantisboy font


Screeech! Ack! Ack! Mantisboy was created by Chank Diesel in 1995 as a custom font for the Cartoon Network's Space Ghost Coast to Coast web site. This font represents the…

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Mingler font


The Mingler fonts have a great big smile and a crisp clear voice. They were originally created as a branding font for a restaurant chain to use in coupons, print…

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Naughties font


The Naughties font was meant to be a happy new typestyle for a naughty new decade. It turned into a neo-classic FUN font. This font is sent to you from…

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Skippy Sharp font

Skippy Sharp

Skippy Sharp was drawn by Skippy McFadden in 1995 and faxed to Mister Chank Diesel. Chank completed the character set, added extensive kerning and created a very friendly, informal marker…

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ZsaZsa Galore font

ZsaZsa Galore

Chank created Zsazsa Galore as a fresh alternative to Mister Frisky, another jerky, hypercaffeinated interpretation of the traditional roman alphabet. The difference this time is that the new font has…

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